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  1. Ladies' Red Leather Iconic Double G Hardware High-heel - Best Fake Gucci GG Marmont Sandals Website USA
    Ladies' Red Leather Iconic Double G Hardware High-heel - Best Fake Gucci GG Marmont Sandals Website USA

    To this clone GG Marmont series of sandals, Gucci has not only launched flat heels but also medium heels, which can meet your different wearing needs, of course, there are different colors, you will love it! Crafted from leather, it has an open-toe silhouette and wavy upper straps accented with the signature GG Marmont. At the same time, this replica shoe also has a leather insole, an ankle buckle, and a mid-heel design, which will be very comfortable to wear and show your sexy and charming temperament.

    Insole material leather
    Sole Material Leather
    heel size 7cm

  2. Summer Latest Women's Clone Gucci Vintage Gold GG Marmont Decoration Red Leather Flat Heel Sandals
    Summer Latest Women's Clone Gucci Vintage Gold GG Marmont Decoration Red Leather Flat Heel Sandals

    Red means sexy and hot in almost every mainstream culture, and I don't think any girl should miss out on these summer must-have sandals. The vintage-distressed metal GG plaque on these replica Gucci Marmont sandals complements the red leather, the most famous icon of the Gucci brand's debut in the 1970s. Furthermore, this imitation is designed with a flat heel and is very comfortable to wear for all your daily activities. Meanwhile, the ultra-design waved shoulder straps and slender buckled ankle straps complete the pair perfectly.

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2 Items

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