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  1. New Copy Gucci Unisex Debossed GG Print Gold Interlocking G Buckle 3.8CM Width White Leather Belt USA
    New Copy Gucci Unisex Debossed GG Print Gold Interlocking G Buckle 3.8CM Width White Leather Belt USA

    If you're trying to find a super affordable Gucci buckle duplicate, this imitation white belt is your best option for the fashion - trend sensitive downtown beauty, simply because this belt is made from the comparable version substance of genuine Gucci belts - solid and durable leather, the whole physique demonstrates a snow-white coloration, furnished with the vintage imprinted GG produce as well as the interlocking G in precious metal enamel paint, undoubtedly it is the perfect combination of vintage and modern day. Just like an ancient smart aged person, during a snowy day time, going through the biting wind flow for thousands of years to now. Because of the positive mindset, this belt is quite suitable for those white-collar employees who work hard and struggle in the ever-changing business world, dealing with the heavy storms in their daily life. By the way, a little tip for wearing, whenever you can wear it by using a white-colored match lined with a brown classic t-shirt, it will likely be far more perfect.
    Gucci Signature leather with black leather detail
    Interlocking G buckle with stud closure
    Hand-painted edges
    1.5" width

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